Some Thoughts on Supernatural Season 9, Episode 2, “Devil May Care”

by sketchyfeminist

Here be my incredibly SPOILERY reactions for “Devil May Care,” Supernatural Season 9, Episode 2. (Directed by Guy Norman Bee; Written by Andrew Dabb.) The following is full of SPOILERS.

The Title

“Devil May Care”? Meh, they’ve done better.


Oh, Dean.

Dean keeps a secret from Sam. Dean feels guilt. Dean drinks. See Dean drink.

So, back in Episode 1, Dean agreed to let the angel Ezekiel possess Sam’s body to save Sam’s life. Sam is in the driver’s seat most of the time, but Ezekiel is still in there. Now Dean feels all bad about the angel deal he made, but he won’t go back on it or fess up, because then Sam could evict Zeke and die without the angelic healing mojo Ezekiel is pumping into his system.

I get that Dean feels like he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s either let this angel possess Sam’s body or let Sam die, and neither of those options are good. Still. What Dean and Ezekiel are doing to Sam is reprehensible.

I do like that Dean has started calling Ezekiel “Zeke.” Because he wants Zeke to be the new Cas, clearly.

My favorite Dean moment in the episode is when he tells Kevin that he’s family, and that the four of them, Dean, Sam, Castiel and Kevin, are all a part of that family. Dean, I just knew you were meant to play mother hen to everybody. I hope Castiel moves into the bunker soon so that the whole family (plus a body-sharing angel and a captive demon) can all start living under the same roof.


Possession-without-true-consent issues aside, Ezekiel seems really nice. Too nice. “Oh, sure, you want me to ride in the backseat of your brother’s mind, healing what would have been the fatal damage from his Hell trials, never letting on that I’m there or interfering in his life in any way, except on–and ONLY on–those occasions when I can save him from certain death. And once he’s healed and I’m healed I’ll leave and never bother you again. And in return all I ask is a brief ride in the Sammobile, during which ride I will main as unobtrusive as fallen-angelically possible.”

I’m not sure even Castiel at his pushoveriest was this accommodating an angel.

And while I can’t stop waiting for the other shoe to drop (at which point we will surely discover Zeke is some kind of Lucifer-and/or-Michael-supporting baddie, or something along those lines), I really hope Ezekiel turns out to be trustworthy. Because all the consent vs. free will stuff surrounding this very odd situation is just so much more interesting if Ezekiel really is just trying to help.

My new, dearest hope for Sam this season: Sam comes to terms with sharing his body with Ezekiel. Then, whenever he’s in a tight spot, he shouts “Shazam!” to summon his angelic alter-ego.

I know it’s not going to happen.

But … please? I really really want it to happen.

My sketch of Samzekiel in Supernatural 9x02, "Devil May Care"

Shazam, bitches.


Yay, Abaddon’s back!

Wow, Abaddon is really attached to her Alaina-Huffman-shaped meat-suit. I mean, she could have just gone out and possessed any one of millions of bodies that have not been shot, minced, buried alive, dug up, sewn together and immolated, but instead she gets a henchman to practice necromancy to revive her favorite body.

So if, as it seemed, Abaddon spent some time as smoke while waiting for her favorite meat-suit to come back from the figurative dry-cleaners, does that mean that Josie got a chance to go to the afterlife? Or do human souls return when their bodies are cured of the whole being-dead thing? I think this show needs to put out an “ABCs of Possession” handbook: Angels and Demons and the People They Wear, because this is all very confusing.

Abaddon rises from the bathtub where her henchman performs the dark necromantic ritual on her favorite fleshly outfit, and we see a few blurry, tantalizing glimpses of Abaddon’s (Josie’s) naked body. Because she’s the sexy kind of evil.

My sketch of Abaddon in Supernatural 9x02, "Devil May Care"

Her clothes burned away, but her makeup, hairspray and nail polish were somehow reconstituted. Don’t ask.

Apparently, Abaddon is now thinking of upgrading her meat-suit to Dean Winchester, whom she sees as a superior vessel (well, Michael wanted him; she’s probably got a point). That’s what she tells Dean, anyway, once she’s got him in her well-manicured clutches. Honestly, it seems like an empty threat considering how clearly attached she still is to Josie’s body. Why else would she have gone through all that trouble to get it back?

So now I have this fantasy that the season will eventually include an Abaddon-in-Dean vs. Ezekiel-in-Sam showdown, which would be pretty cool. And hey, maybe somebody could possess Cas, too, just for fun. (Like, maybe a demon could possess Cas, and then get ‘healed’ by the Winchesters, and then an angel could possess the healed demon in Cas, who would still be possessing Jimmy, and it would be like possession nesting dolls. Because why not?)

So, Abaddon seems pretty set to become the Queen of Hell. With Crowley still in the Winchesters’ dungeon, there’s not a lot standing in her way.

And the rest of my Supernatural, Season 9, Episode 2 reaction is under the cut:

Kevin and Crowley

Aww, Kevin cries when Dean gives him the welcome-to-the-family talk. Yeah, I’d cry if I were welcomed to the Winchester family too.

And now it’s time for bondage fun with Crowley!

So, the brothers bring Crowley back to their neat-o Men-of-Letters batcave and set him up in their swank dungeon. Where they just leave him, hoping he’ll get so bored he’ll start giving them the names and human aliases of every demon on earth, which they assume he has memorized, for some reason. (Maybe he just keeps a really detailed registry in his office in Hell. We don’t know.) Crowley decides that stewing in his own “delicious” juices is not enough to make him crack, but ends up giving Moose and Squirrel a couple of names anyway, because (a) the demons he names are “underperformers” and (b) Crowley considers it payment for the “entertainment” Kevin gave him earlier in the episode. By beating and/or torturing him. (And talking to him.) Kevin is Crowley’s “new favorite toy,” and Crowley likes being worked over by Kevin after Kevin gets all worked up.

This is funny, because at the beginning of the episode, Crowley tells the Winbros that they won’t be able to make him talk using torture, because for Crowley, being tortured is a recreational activity. This basically means that, while Crowley won’t give up info under torture, he apparently will give up info in exchange for torture. Splitting hairs, Crowley. You could have explained this at the get-go and saved everybody some time.

And why doesn’t Crowley just give up the goods on every demon he thinks has switched or will switch over to team Abaddon? That would be a win-win.

New Faces

So, when we first see Tracy, she’s bending over the engine of her car on the side of the road. She’s shot from behind, presumably so we can get a shot of, well, her behind. She’s also wearing cut-off jeans shorts and a midriff-exposing shirt, so my first thought is, unless she’s a country singer or a time-traveler, that just seems odd.

Tracy accepts a ride from some shady vampire trucker. But then! They flip the script on us! Turns out Tracy is a rookie Hunter, and she beheads the vampire trucker. Apparently she was only using her body as bait (maybe vampires have a weakness for cutoff jeans shorts?). This would be totally surprising if I hadn’t ever seen an episode of Buffy, ever. But then! They flip the script on us again, and Tracy gets kidnapped by demons! Which would be totally surprising if I hadn’t ever seen an episode of Supernatural, ever.

Anyway, eventually Sam and Dean come to rescue Tracy (and that other kidnapped Hunter dude whose name I forget, but that’s OK because he doesn’t make it through the episode). Tracy Does Not Like Sam, because Sam raised Lucifer in Season 4, which led to a different demon killing Tracy’s parents as a celebratory act. That’s … really indirect. There are so many more direct ways that Sam could be responsible for her parents’ deaths that I’m wondering if the writers chose this way so that Tracy could potentially be a love interest for Sam, later. So far, Tracy bores me. She’s like Jo, but without any reason for me to care about her. RIP, Jo.

My favorite new character is one we probably won’t see ever again–at least not in the same body. The one Hell-denizen who stands up to Abaddon this episode is the crossroads demon possessing an elderly woman. When she defends her choice of meat-suit with the line, “I closed seventy-two deals last year. Kids love Grandma,” I think that’s hilarious in a twisted-black-soul humor kind of way. Also, in a show in which most demons hardly ever possess women unless those women are young and hawt (while they are so, so much less selective when it comes to male meat-suits), it’s nice to see a demon choose to inhabit a different female body type. Grandma!demon, you’re my favorite; I just hope that, if you do come back, it’s not as a glamorous, size 2 twenty-something.

Missing in Action

1. Cas! Way to leave us in the lurch with the Castiel plot arc, showrunners. But what can I say, I read the spoilers. I knew this was coming.
2. How is that Jody Mills person, anyway? Sam? Dean? Sheesh. You guys are the worst friends ever.
3. And we still don’t know what Metatron’s up to, all by his lonesome in Heaven. I doubt we’ll hear from him before the mid-season.

Coming Up

A twenty-second preview for Episode 3, “I’m No Angel,” has been released. Episode 3 will be Cas-themed, so, hurrah! And, hey, Cas is already kissing that April Kelly person, played by Shannon Lucio. Hate to burst your bubble, Cas, but do you even remember that you’re married? Remember Daphne, the woman you married in Season 7? Yeah, sure, it was amnesia!Cas who tied the knot, but being an amnesiac at the time doesn’t make the marriage null-in-void. People with no memories have the right to wed, too.

So, looks like Cas may be cheating on his wife within, what, three days of becoming human (or mostly or more-or-less human)? I really hope this show eventually remembers Daphne’s existence. But it seems unlikely.

And ooh, I found SPOILERY PHOTOS. On a website called that I know nothing about, so Proceed at Your Own Risk. And now they’re also up on Hypable, which I also know very little about.

Sidebar: did Jimmy ever make it to Heaven, or is he now a human possessed by another human (or more-or-less human)? If Cas has no mojo, but Jimmy’s still there, does Jimmy get a fighting chance to resurface? That could be fun.

And then … (duun-dun) … in Episode 4 … (duun-dun) … it looks like (::headdesk::) the return of Charlie Bradbury (duun-dun-duun-dun-duun-dun-duun-dun!), in an episode written by Robbie Thompson, who wrote the first three Charlie Bradbury episodes. Gah. Now, if you have read this post, then you know I have an irrational hatred of Charlie Bradbury–which is probably exacerbated by the fact that I want to like her. I think she’s a good idea on paper, but I don’t like the way she plays out as verging-on-Mary-Sue-ish in practice. Supernatural's last desperate, grasping attempt at feminism, if you will. And my boyfriend and best friend LOVE to tease me about hating Charlie Bradbury, because they think it’s fun to get a rise out of me, and that really just reinforces my negative reaction to the character, Pavlov’s-dog style.

Seriously. I’m hearing the theme from Jaws right now. And yes, yes, I know that the strength of my dislike for Charlie is disproportionate to her actual role in the show, and I’m the one with the problem, et cetera. It’s just that, considering how clearly I hear it, it’s hard for me to believe that nobody else hears that music.

On the up side! Episode 4 will also be Wizard of Oz–themed, which means that it could go either really silly or really awesome, but either way, it should be fun. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the first Charlie episode that gets me to think of Charlie as an actual character, and not a feminism-by-the-numbers chimera.