The Not-Really-A Timeline Continues (only this time I didn’t make a timeline): More Feminist Frequency Stuff

by sketchyfeminist

Apparently I’m following Anita Sarkeesian’s career. And while I’ve been interested in her projects ever since I first heard about her, and that was well before the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series ratcheted up her visibility like woah,* I never really actively planned to keep tabs on her.

But she just keeps cropping up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her name in so many different print and online publications as I have over the last year (especially from, say, around October 2014 on). Not to mention that Colbert Report interview. Months ago (because I am a lazy, lazy person), I started putting together an “Anita Sarkeesian media sightings” post-type thingie. And then I kept procrastinating on finishing it, and then, hey presto, Sarkeesian and her team went and made my job all easy for me (as well as sorta redundant), by releasing an annual report. (And even then I still failed to post this immediately.)

That’s right, folks. If you have trouble keeping up with all of your Sarkeesian-related news, there’s a handy document over at the Feminist Frequency website in the form of a downloadable PDF (note that the link is to the page where the PDF is hosted, not the PDF itself): “Feminist Frequency 2014 Annual Report.” It has links! It has graphs (and other data visualization stuff)! It has pink and teal headers!

There’s also a “Media Interview Link Round up for October 2014,” just to prove there really was a spike in the Anita Sarkeesian news coverage at around that time.

And one of the big reasons behind that spike? See the following introduction to said “Media Round Up” on Sarkeesian’s site:

I was invited to speak at Utah State University on Wednesday October 15th, 2014 about women’s representations in video games. Sadly, the university received a series of emails threatening to commit “the deadliest school shooting in American history” if I was allowed to speak on campus. When USU and Utah police refused to screen attendees for firearms, citing the state’s concealed carry laws, I was forced to cancel the event. Below is a round up of media interviews I have done recently speaking about the threats in Utah, the epidemic of gendered harassment online, and the larger problem of sexism within the games industry as a whole.

— Anita Sarkeesian, “Media Interview Link Round up for October 2014,” Feminist Frequency

So, basically. More terrifying death threats! And gun control laws (or the lack thereof) that make those threats even more terrifying.

Since the “Annual Report” was released, Sarkeesian has posted two new videos (with transcripts) to her site. They’re both from panels at the “All About Women” conference, described on its “About” page as a “festival [that] aims to invigorate discussion on important issues and ideas that matter to women, and to bring global and Australian perspectives to the stages of the Sydney Opera House.”

One of the two speeches was given at a panel entitled “What I Couldn’t Say”; the other was given at a panel entitled “How to be a Feminist.” They’re both short (running at around 4 and a half minutes on the one hand and 5 and a half minutes on the other) and both worth a watch:

“What I Couldn’t Say” speech

“How to be a Feminist” speech

In the second video, Sarkeesian (briefly, obvs) articulates how she developed her own feminism, which is cool if you’re interested in or even just curious about where she’s coming from, and the kinds of frameworks she’s been using/is using to contextualize her arguments–whether on sexism in popular culture or on the systemic misogyny of online harassment.

On a somehow lighter but also somehow terrifying note, David Futrelle–at the hilarious but also soul-crushingly depressing MRA-mocking blog We Hunted the Mammoth**–has been following the development of the “Sarkeesian Effect” project, and you can find a bunch of those posts under the “Sarkeesian Effect” category tag at his site. What, never heard of the The Sarkeesian Effect? (I wouldn’t have, if not for Futrelle’s blog.) Well, you’re in for a . . . um, not a treat, but . . . a . . . a something. Anyway, the Effect is apparently a proposed “feature-length documentary” about exposing the evils of the evil SJW agenda. So, there’s your sign, I guess. For in-depth mockery of both the project and the dudes making it (and I can’t wait to see what up-and-coming comedy duo gets cast as Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen in Anita Sarkeesian’s first biopic), see Futrelle’s posts on the subject.


* That’s right, haters. I watched Feminist Frequency videos before it was cool. A hat tip to my bestie, L, for introducing the series to me.
** I say “soul-crushing” because I can only read so much misogyny–even secondhand, on a blog that exists for the express purpose of mocking said misogyny–before it starts to get to me.