Supernatural vs. Women, Part 2 of Whatever Continued: Fangirls, Part III of III

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This post is about Charlie Bradbury.

It makes sense to talk about Charlie Bradbury. She is the only “fangirl” aside from Becky to have a recurring, speaking role, so talking about her will nicely round out my bloggy Fangirls-in-Supernatural triptych.

I hate Charlie Bradbury.

Weird, right? She’s a strong, competent, collected, geeky, lesbian genius hacker. Exactly the kind of character Supernatural has been missing since–well, since it started, really.

And . . . that’s kind of the problem.

Charlie is just too much. Whenever she’s in a scene, I feel like she was created using some kind of girl-power checklist. It’s like the character was invented when the producers all sat down in a room together and went, “Huh. Looks like we killed off all our strong women characters. That doesn’t look so good. Let’s bring in one so exceptional that she will replace all of them.” And thus the most exceptional of Exceptional Women was born.

Part of my problem with Charlie is Felicia Day. I’ve seen Buffy (many, many times) and Dr. Horrible (many, many times) and I’m kind of sick of Felicia Day playing “quirky brave shy girl with a heart of gold and a spine of steel”–which is, granted, rather the odd niche. (And how tedious I find it is obviously in large part my fault, for rewatching these things so many times.) But because I’ve seen Felicia Day give pretty much the same performance for other characters, it makes it harder for me to ‘believe’ in Charlie. If I’d seen her play Charlie first, I might like Charlie a good bit better.

Or I might not. There are other problems with Charlie.

Charlie Bradbury/Carrie Heinlein appears in three Supernatural episodes, one in Season 7 and two in Season 8.

Appears in:

  • “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo,” Season 7, Episode 20. Directed by John MacCarthy; Written by Robbie Thompson.
  • “LARP and the Real Girl,” Season 8, Episode 11. Directed by Jeannot Scwarz; Written by Robbie Thompson.
  • “Pac-Man Fever,” Season 8, Episode 20. Directed by Robert Singer; Written by Robbie Thompson.

Huh. Looks like Robbie Thompson* is the common denominator. Robbie Thompson, I blame you for this.

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