Inaugural Post

This is a place for discussions, musings, rantings, ravings and whatever else on the presentation of women in popular culture. Ethical and courteous rantings and ravings, anyway. I will try to post on some kind of regular basis (schedule to be determined later, if ever) on my reactions to portrayals of women in the media as I encounter them, which will probably make me behind-the-times in all kinds of hilarious ways.

Books, TV shows, movies, comics of all varieties, songs, music videos and video games will probably all come up at one point or another. There may even be manga Fridays! Who can say?

As this is my blog, I may verge, at times, into the confessional and/or autobiographical. I reserve the right to do so, or not, at whim. I may also occasionally accompany posts with drawings and/or sketches, if only to make the name of this blog make some semblance of sense.

You have been warned