Star Trek: Into Darkness vs. Wrath of Khan

Here there be SPOILERS.

A while back, the Boyfriend and I went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness because we both love Star Trek and I love Benedict Cumberbatch’s uncanny ability to get punched in the face . . . with style. (Yes, I am one of those Sherlock fangirls that Trekkies seem to resent for moving onto their turf upon the movie’s release–and yet I, too, am a Star Trek fan! What strange manner of hybrid is this?*)

Anyway, we were watching Into Darkness, and the whole time I was thinking, “I can tell that they’re riffing on Wrath of Khan, but I don’t remember that movie well enough to discern how much of this movie is homage and how much is straight-up ripoff. I want to watch Wrath of Khan.” while the Boyfriend was thinking, “The Wrath of Khan is my favorite Star Trek movie and is much better than what I am currently watching, which is, by the way, shamelessly ripping off my favorite Star Trek movie. I want to watch Wrath of Khan.”

So we went home and watched Wrath of Khan.

And since I watched both movies in the same twelve-hour period, I figure it is only right and proper to commence a side-by-side comparison: Into Darkness vs. Wrath of Khan.**

Comparison (with sketches and MANY, MANY SPOILERS) under the cut:

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