Women and Property Damage in Music Videos

Wow, it’s been a super long time since I last posted, hasn’t it? Just … super. And I will catch up on my Supernatural coverage someday. Probably. But for now, here’s a post on a few music videos from the previous decade. Because that’s fun.

Sometimes, in pop music and/or in the music videos that accompany pop music, women take out their aggression (against men) on inanimate objects (frequently belonging to men).

I would like to take a moment to examine this phenomenon.

One of the most popular targets of female aggression in music videos is The Car. See:

OK, OK, so technically the Carrie Underwood one is a truck. The parallel still holds.

Women in music videos have also been known to commit acts of property damage against things that are not automobiles. See:

You will note that there is some overlap there. I guess sometimes vehicle vandalism is just not enough.

A couple sketches and video-by-video breakdown of this phenomenon under the cut:

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